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How to Do a Vocal Warm Up

woman preparing her voiceNo matter in which professional field you are, you need to brush up your skills to make yourself perfect in your profession. Before you start your day, you spend time in exercising your body which keeps you fresh and active all day long. Likewise, before starting your work, you must have a short revision of your work, so that you do not lose grip from your task. The same thing applies to the singing profession as well. Before you start finding the right singing lessons in New York City, NY, or before you start practicing your songs, it is best to do some vocal exercises which will help produce a melodious tone from your vocal cords. To make your voice run smooth during singing, you need to have a vocal warm-up. If you are clueless on a vocal warm-up, then the solution is right over here. Run your eyes through the following lines to know how to do a vocal warm-up.

Relax when you Breathe
If you breathe in your stressed state, then you will end up in wrong breathing. There is a right breathing technique which needs to be followed by every singer. You should make sure that you breathe deeply. Breathing from the top of your lungs will be of no use. While you inhale and exhale, you have to ensure that you breathe freely. To relax the muscles of your vocal folds, you need to relax. Keep stress at bay for a while. Relax your shoulders and breath in a normal way. Loosen yourself and breathe low. As it is said, you should breathe from your stomach which means that you should place your palm of your hand on your shoulder and move the specific part of the stomach in upward and downward position. Remind yourself not to move your shoulder and chest while you take deep breathe.

Maintain a Right Posture
Your voice gets choked when there is insufficient air in your vocal cord which hampers the power of your voice. The reason of lack of air in your vocal cord is your wrong sitting position. The right posture allows air to flow properly through your vocal cord which helps produce a quality sound in your voice. Whether you are singing in a sitting or standing position, you should keep your posture straight. Train your body to have a straight posture. Widen your shoulders and balance your legs rightly on the floor. Make sure your shoulders should be in a straight line with your head up. Exercise this posture daily for a few hours.

Massage your Jaw
Your jaw plays a pivotal part when you sing. Restraining your jaw from getting opened properly will obstruct your voice quality. Release the tension from your jaw at the time you sing to give out the best sound. Give the best exercise to your jaw by way of massaging your cheeks. With the help of the heels of your hands, you should massage your cheeks in a clockwise motion. Do the massage near your cheekbone. Repeat this exercise three to four times a day.

Man twisting toungeTwist your Tongue
You do not have to twist your tongue. In your childhood days, you must have played tongue twisters. Bring back the same game in your life to enhance your singing quality. Select a tongue twister of your choice and do it repeatedly for a few hours in a day. Tongue twisters have a positive effect on your voice. Tongue twisters help you move your tongue which makes you feel at ease when you sing tricky songs. The more you do play tongue twisters, the more convenient you will be while singing complex songs.

One of the imperative warm-ups for your voice is to keep humming. You must be thinking how humming can improve your voice quality. Humming is an age-old technique which helps calm your voice down. The positive side of humming is that you do not have to strain your voice. Humming lets your voice come out from your vocal cord easily. Release tension from your shoulder and let your jaw loose. Inhale and exhale while you hum. You will feel a tickling sensation when in your nose and lips when you hum.

Tongue and Lip Trill
Trills let you rid of tensions from the muscles and tongue. Trills are the optimal exercise to warm up your vocal sounds. In your tongue trills, you need to put your tongue on the upper portion of your teeth and exhale deeply. For your lip trills, let your upper and lower lips loose and create consonant sounds of “b” and “h” by moving your lips slowly in upward and downward position.

Consume Warm Beverages
Drinking warm liquids does not mean that you have to consume caffeine on a regular basis. Safeguard your throat from consuming hot beverages. Avoid drinking icy cold water or frozen eatables, as the frozen items and cold water will choke your vocal folds. Make a habit of consuming luke warm water and warm tea to keep your vocal cords steady.

Make your voice sound pleasant while singing by using the steps of a vocal warm-up.

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